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      Schneider Global President come to visit
      Update time:2017-11-21 Click:1797

      On November 21, 2017, Claire Bryan, president of Schneider Global and Zhang Xingning, president of China, came to our company and Peng Ziping, the general manager, accompanied him for a visit. Both parties communicated with each other on the flagship product, future development and good cooperation of SDIC.
      Schneider Electric SA, founded by the Schneider Brothers in 1836 and headquartered in Rueil, France, is a global leader in energy efficiency management. As one of the world's top 500 electrical leaders, Global CEO visited and carefully researched the development potential of the new high-tech enterprise in Germany. As the key components of the company, suppliers such as proximity switches and limit switches have proposed Great willingness to cooperate.
      German speed in a strong supply chain get good support from all parties, I believe the future development of German speed will achieve more cooperation and win-win!



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